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Here are some fun places where our Chinatown Eating Map, our story, and what we have to say about eating in general have been featured


NPR's The Salt

Dan Pashman, host of the The Sporkful, wrote up a nice blog post for NPR's food blog, The Salt


The Sporkful Podcast

One of Tiffany's favorite podcasts, The Sporkful, joined one of our annual dinner celebrations. Listen to our conversation and the whole podcast's thoughtful discussion about celebrating "Other People's Holidays" and celebrating other cultures' holidays. 

GOOP 2016 Gift Guide.png

GOOP Gift Guide

omg yes, the legendary annual Goop gift guide. Our map along with the whole All-You-Can-Eat-Press eating map family featured in the 2016 Goop Gift Guide in the section for "The Traveler." 


The World in a Pocket

We take Mack from World in a Pocket to one of our favorite old school places in NYC Chinatown (it is in the map!) for what we think is the best char siu bao in Manhattan Chinatown. Plus we share more about our family's history eating and cooking in America. 

Edible Brooklyn.png

Edible Brooklyn

"And then they have their collaboration maps which she calls “deeper and stronger.” With these maps they have a “lifetime resource on a specific food” and so they invite guest writers, which are typically masters of a specific food.

...Charlene Wang de Chen and Tiffany Wang sisters worked on the “Manhattan Chinatown Map.”